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Top Companies Sponsor Women-Friendly Programs

Johnson & Johnson has seven on-site child care centers for its employees, and PwC started a Mentoring Moms initiative that pairs first time parents with experienced mothers, who offer support and advice on the juggling a family and a career.

A year later, she quit -- walked right out of the office and never returned. A champion or a sponsor is someone who will use their political clout to help you get ahead."

Ji Hyun Lee, a freelance writer and blogger in New York City, graduated with a master's degree and went to work for a national magazine as an entry level editorial assistant. I felt like I didn't count. "A mentor is somebody who is there for advice and feedback. I felt inferior to my colleagues," Lee said.

Aside from these mother-friendly options, companies have also developed mentoring programs specifically targeting the women's career advancement.

Her story is not unusual, but many circumstances -- such as the fact that women often bear the responsibility of caring for children and aging parents -- contribute to this inequity.

"When companies let people work the way they want to work, they find that productivity skyrockets in some cases up to 40 percent," ABC News national correspondent Claire Shipman, who co-wrote "Womenomics," said.

"GMA" contributor Tory Johnson, however, argues that women need more than mentors offering guidance.

Many companies offer some reimbursement for employees seeking to adopt children. "So we can continue to bring in the talented people from universities and careers they had on the outsie, and they also help retain them while here at the firm."

"When it comes to our women within the firm, we want to provide maximum flexibility," Bob Moritz, chairman and senior partner at PwC, told ABC News. Citizens Financial Group/RBS Ame ricas, Wendy's International and Barilla America Inc., offer some of the heftiest adoption benefits -- often totaling $12,000.

Sodexo, which ranked first in DiversityInc.'s list of top companies for executive women in 2010, created the Spirit of Mentoring initiative that connects employees to promote professional growth and diversity from within. Ranking second in DiversityInc.'s list of top companies for executive women in 2010, PwC launched Women Upfront, an interactive community that works to connect 15,000 women in the company and expose them to profiles of female leaders.

With women comprising nearly half of the work force, U.S. work force is 52 percent women, have developed programs to help stem this disparity.

The goal is not only to attract women but to retain them.

Like many companies, PwC offers its employees job share options, sabbaticals (during which employees retain benefits) and flex-time schedules, which allow employees to scale back their hours by as much as 60 percent.

Google, for example, offers women 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and provides seven weeks of paid paternity leave for fathers. companies across the country have taken aggressive steps to ensure they retain women and support their advancement.

Companies have also adapted to an influx of working mothers by establishing programs that cater to their everyday needs.

"Women need champions not mentors," Johnson, CEO of Women for Hire, said.

"I felt devalued. She told ABC News that she later learned the other editorial assistant, a male who had only a bachelor's degree, was earning $3,000 more than she was.

Several companies, such as PwC, whose U.S. "What we're trying to do is create opportunities for them to maximize their professional and their personal choices, and be successful in both.". Lee later sued the company for pay inequity and won.

A comprehensive White House report released earlier this week found th at while women have advanced more than men in educational attainment, they still lag behind their male counterparts in salary, earning on average 80 percent of what a man earns.

"These initiatives actually help recruit women into our firms," said Mortiz

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Are Disposable Color Contacts Good

In any kind of case, disposable color contacts are often a new good, or maybe the best, choice for eye needs. That They will provide you using a wide range of advantages as well. Zero matter should you are usually not used to lenses as well as searching to add these to your skill to check perfect with one of these style accessories, you need to realize why disposable colour contacts are an improved choice.

These contacts are ideal for anyone that is trying to alter their eye color. Title:

Are Disposable Colour Contacts Good?

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There are many causes that the disposable colour get in touch with can always be a good option for the needs. Regarding course, if you just want to possess these phones offer a person with a trend accessory need, create positive to dispose of them when you must to maintain your eyes healthy.

Disposable colored contacts allow many visitors to affect the color of that they eyes easily. Furthermore, it implies which you must insure that you get the right item for your eyes. Regarding example, the disposable goods are often able to provide an even more wholesome atmosphere to your eyes. Many with the time, these are great because these people are discard which means a lower value for them. That They are usually available throughout the internet pertaining to even lower and much more affordable purchases as well.. Today, nearly all contacts that are purchased are usually disposable where there is actually justification for this. they can always be created within both prescriptions along with non prescriptions. Today, nearly all contacts which are bought tend to be disposable where there is actually justification pertaining to this. But, in the long term you could spend more for them than various other versions associated with make contact with lenses. Simply No issue if you tend to be new to lenses as well as seeking to include these to what you tend to be in a position to do to check perfect with these style accessories, an individual have to understand why disposable colour contacts are a significantly better choice.

These contacts are perfect for anyone that's trying to change his or her eye color. You should will have a full eye exam along with measurement before you purchase any 1 of these. they are offered at a lower price inside many cases. They Will could be made...


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There are lots of reasons that any disposable colour make contact with is a good choice for your needs. because they might be thrown out, they actually do certainly not allow for your breakdown and dysfunction that happens over time.

They may additionally be more reasonable for buy in the brief run

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Boost Your Memory With Caffeine


Boost your Memory Along With Caffeine

Caffeine can always be a stimulant also it works to stimulate not just our hearts but our minds as well. It can provide a individual the actual added boost these people must distinct their particular mind. Many people glance at the must possess a cup regarding coffee every morning so that they can easily focus. The Particular caffeine that's discovered within your coffee jolts the actual brain and furthermore the memory may retain a lot more information. A Person possibly realize somebody who says which they can't function until they've had their own coffee. It appears which there's much more truth for the reason why that statement than the majority of people have ever realized. In Which first cup regarding morning coffee will get the memory gears transferring many people.

If any one discover that you're among the people who can't put his or her finger about particular tiny facts and it has become any frustration for you, it could be time to contemplate the benefit associated with caffeine throughout relation to its short term memory.

Life is actually busy and it's easy to forget a quantity of the smaller sized stuff that we just take with regard to granted. Our minds may get difficulty focusing because of a conflict at the actual job or perhaps anxiety at home. This particular isn't an uncommon occurrence and it happens everyday for you to individuals of each and also every and also every age. Losing track of tiny details is typical nevertheless certainly not something that we need to stay with. There are steps that will we could decide for you to try enhance our memory enough that individuals do certainly not have to cope with getting our minds full of those nagging thoughts again.

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There have been a lot of negative evaluations of the consequences of consuming coffee, tea as well as eating chocolate simply because of the amount associated with caffeine that will these substances contain. Presently there could be any silver lining for the caffeine cloud even though along with that's how caffeine can enjoy an important role within boosting your memory.


There have been a large amount of negative critiques in the consequences regarding consuming coffee, tea or perhaps eating chocolate simply because of the amount of caffeine in which these substances contain. There may be any silver lining for the caffeine cloud although as well as that's how caffeine can play an essential role inside improving your memory.

A cup involving coffee as well as tea inside the morning could be exactly the prescription in order to raise the memory sufficient in which the others of the day an individual perform from complete memory capacity. the exact same can be said for your lull that lots of folks experience through mid-afternoon. Getting a piece of chocolate or even a cup of hot chocolate stimulates your own memory again as well as the remaining portion regarding the day will flow as smoothly as the beginning did.


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This may be particularly important pertaining to many individuals at work. having the opportunity to retain essential information is crucial regarding their particular employment. In case they locate his or her memory lacking it could possess significant consequences that stretch far beyond a few involving the minor annoyances that they may well encounter in the actual home when they forget to accomplish things.

Often we encounter short-term memory problems. at occasions it can be regardless regarding whether we turned off your drinking water right after we brushed our teeth as well as if we locked the door prior to we went to bed. These kind of issues can easily nag at our minds su fficient that we flip our vehicle around to produce sure that we will not really be faced having a flood because associated with operating water or we leap from bed and then locate that people do indeed lock the actual door.

Often we expertise temporary memory problems. at occasions it may be whether we turned off your h2o after we brushed our teeth or perhaps if we locked the door before we went alongside to ...